Interscholastic Athletics at Kent School

Designed to foster a competitive and age-appropriate atmosphere, the program promotes physical fitness, good sportsmanship, skill development and personal responsibility. While students are encouraged to set individual goals, the school’s primary goals for every child are to contribute to the team and to have fun.

Students in grades five through eight may participate in Kent School’s interscholastic sports program. Students may participate in co-ed soccer, co-ed field hockey, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, girls’ lacrosse and boys’ lacrosse. Basketball season is open for fifth graders to practice only, as games are limited to sixth through eighth graders; however fifth graders are encouraged to watch the games with parental supervision.

Our coaches strive to give each athlete playing time in every game. Exceptions may be made if the coach deems it unsafe, or if a student has not met the following guidelines: regular attendance at practice, a solid effort, a positive attitude and respect for others. The amount of playing time will be based on skill level, attitude, attendance and effort during games and practices.       

The following are some reminders regarding any athletic contest involving Kent School: 

Students and fans are expected to display good sportsmanship on and off the playing field.

Athletes and student spectators must be in dress code or athletic uniform at all interscholastic competitions.

Student spectators must have parental supervision from the time of dismissal. If a parent cannot attend, please send a note the morning of a game stating who is responsible for your     child after dismissal.

Students who are on campus to watch athletic events must stay in the vicinity of that game.                      

Students are not permitted in any of the buildings except the gymnasium.

Athletes must be in attendance the full day of a game day in order to play. The Headmaster may approve participation if extenuating circumstances exist.

We appreciate your support in helping insure the safety of all students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Athletic Director, Erin Kent, at                GO OSPREYS!

photos: Trish McGee class of 1072, Associate Editor Kent County News



Erin Kent

Director of Athletics

410 778 - 4100 ext 22