Physical Education at Kent School


Students participate in a wide array of sports and activities in physical education class. Focus is on improving individually as well as developing as cohesive team units. In an effort to help our students realize their full promise, the students learn to create, maintain and value physically fit lifestyles. 

Little School students participate in activities that focus on working cooperatively while following classroom rules and teacher instruction. Emphasis is on locomotor movements, spatial awareness, and imaginative play. They are introduced to skills at the most fundamental level. Most importantly, they are encouraged to have fun being active.  

Lower School students participate in activities that emphasize fundamental locomotor movements, throwing and kicking with purpose and accuracy, maneuvering around people and objects, working toward a common goal, learning how to be a good team member and building solid leadership skills. Cooperation and trust are emphasized.  Every unit begins with learning fundamental skills and is followed by more complicated drills and culminates in game simulations. It is important for the children to understand the importance of making fitness an integral part of their lives.

Middle School students participate in sport-specific units including field hockey, soccer, flag football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and softball. Activities such as step aerobics, yoga, wrestling, tumbling and vaulting, frisbee and various team-building activities help to round out the curriculum. 

The primary goal of the physical education program at Kent School is for students to build a solid foundation of skills in a wide range of activities. Each spring, all students in grades one through eight participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge to assess abdominal strength, endurance, flexibility, upper body strength and short distance sprinting. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to set individual, as well as team, goals.

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