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Our Kent School Story - The Spero Family

The list is long but we are most appreciative for the small classes and individualized instruction. Our girls have vastly different skills and learning styles but both are supported, encouraged and taught in uniquely different ways. We are also grateful for the rich science curriculum that begins so early in their learning experience. Add to that, the opportunities in the arts. They have more opportunities to explore their talents and be a well-rounded learner and child! Kent School allows them to be children, make mistakes, PLAY, challenge themselves, explore. For that we find it the most valuable opportunity we can give our kiddos.

My Kent School Story - Parker '20

I have been at Kent School for just two years. I chose Kent School because I wasn't challenged at my old school. Here, the classes are smaller making it much easier to learn. Also, it has a great curriculum through the whole school year that is fun and challenging. I am never bored. I will miss my L.A. teacher the most because she is a great teacher and has helped me with my writing a lot. I love Kent School. - Parker, Class of 2020

Our Kent School Story - The Reed Family

Kent School is a family. It is a home. My children have spent their entire lives on the riverside campus. Kent School makes my children feel safe. It allows them feel accepted and to be themselves. Kent School nurtures my children and celebrates their strengths, encourages them to grow from their failures and weaknesses. Not only has Kent School been a place of love and support for my children, my husband is an alum (1989) and still looks back fondly on his time at Kent School. It still amazes me to see the number of Alumni children that attend Kent School, which is a true testament to the education and environment found here. Both of my children, grades 4 and 2, have 5 alumni children in each grade.
When asked Why Kent School, all I can simply say, is that it is home.