Kent School Students Present Shrek the Musical, Jr.

Members of Kent School’s Class of 2018 will perform Shrek, Jr. On Friday May 11 and Saturday May 12. Both performances will begin at 7:30 pm. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend. The performances will take place in the M.V. “Mike” Williams Gymnasium.
Shrek is the story of an Ogre who is sent out by his parents at the age of seven to find his place in the world. He encounters fairy tale creatures, a Dragon, the evil Lord Farquaad, and a Princess in a tower. There is also a comic Donkey who befriends Shrek and joins him on his adventures. The 8th Grade spring musical has been a tradition at Kent School since the school began in 1968. The Director is Jim Landskroener, the Musical Director and accompanist is Kate Bennett, and the Art Director is Pat Parkhurst.
Storyteller 1                    Lexi Norman
Storyteller 2                    Georgia Gillespie
Storyteller 3                    Tessa Schut
Mama Ogre                     Cami Lord
Papa Ogre                       Flynn Bowman
Little Shrek                     Reed Ferguson
Shrek                             Andrew Baughman
Captain of the Guards      Zach LaFleur
Guards                           Jake Cerino, Flynn Bowman, Reed Ferguson
Pinocchio                        Flynn Bowman
Big Bad Wolf                   Jake Cerino
3 Little Pigs                     Sage Cookerly, Abby Russum, Tessa Schut
Wicked Witch                  Cami Lord
Peter Pan                        Lexi Norman
Ugly Duckling                  Georgia Gillespie
Mama Bear                     Danielle Simmons
Papa Bear                       Evan Gervais
Baby Bear                       Reed Ferguson
Donkey                           Sage Cookerly
Lord Farquaad                 Tessa Schut
Gingy                              Evan Gervais
Child Fiona                       Lia Schut (4th Grade)
Teen Fiona                       Lexi Norman
Adult Fiona                      Abby Russum
Puss in Boots                   Danielle Simmons
Knights                           Jake Cerino, Flynn Bowman, Evan Gervais, Reed Ferguson
Dragon                            Cami Lord
Pied Pipier                       Zach LaFleur
Bishop                             Danielle Simmons
Dwarf                              Reed Ferguson
Trees                               Tessa Schut, Danielle Simmons, Abby Russum
Residents of Duloc            Company
Shrek Jr. is based on the Dreamworks Animation Motion Picture and the book by William Steig.
The Book and Lyrics are by David Lindsay-Abaire, and the Music is by Jeanine Tesori.