Kent School Receives Gift of Custom Sculpture

On Monday, November 19 the Kent School community gathered for the unveiling of a custom sculpture of the School’s mascot, the Osprey. The sculpture is a gift to the School from the Class of 2019. It is tradition that a graduating class give the school a special gift on their graduation. This year, the Class of 2019 gave their gift early in recognition of Kent School’s Fiftieth Anniversary.

The sculpture was installed overlooking an athletic field at the entrance to the school. Now all who visit Kent School’s scenic, riverside campus will be greeted by the piece. At the unveiling Eighth Grade student Frank Cantera said, “The Osprey has been the mascot of Kent School since the late 1980’s when it was voted on by the whole student body. It was a natural choice since in this area where we are standing there used to be a windmill that an osprey nested on for many years.” Cantera’s classmate, Isabelle Requena continued, “So today in honor of our beloved mascot and in celebration of Kent’s Fiftieth Anniversary, the Class of 2019 presents this Osprey sculpture.”
Head of School, Nancy Mugele thanked the students and their parents and said, Ospreys are focused, strong and powerful, just like Kent School students, and we are so grateful to the Class of 2019 for dedicating this sculpture for the School’s 50th Anniversary. Every time I drive onto campus, or cheering on a team on our front field, I will remember fondly the wonderful Class of 2019.”
Class parents, Lena Cantera and Nicole Wagner, helped bring this project to fruition. Cantera said, “It was wonderful to work with Mr. Latell. He clearly shared our vision and created a piece of art that represents Kent School and enhances our surroundings.” Wagner’s role was to lead the students’ fundraising efforts to help pay for the sculpture. She said, “I loved seeing the students’ enthusiasm for this idea. That translated into their support and hard work to contribute funds. I am sure they will be proud of their work and this piece whenever they visit Kent School as alumni.”
Forged in metal by artist, John Latell, this sculpture symbolizes the power and strength of the osprey. From the artist’s website, “Everyday I work to clarify ideas and materialize them in my work. I am fortunate to find great challenges and opportunities as a sculptor and metal worker. Ever diligent in my effort to nuance and inform a reluctant material, I find abundant opportunity. I look to meet viewers inclusively, contribute to an exciting dialogue and realize considered work.”