“Teachers are brain changers!”  Energized by this belief, the faculty of Kent School has embraced many Mind, Brain, and Education Science research-informed practices this academic year. A Kindergarten - Eighth Grade master schedule allows adequate instructional time for academic subjects and cross curricular activities. Our sustained integration of the arts aids in the transfer of knowledge and provides multiple modalities for assessment. An intentional, spiraling curriculum and interspacing of skills and concepts guides students to deeper learning and mastery. Our increased use of formative assessments enables us to check on student understanding and mastery of concepts, while empowering students to monitor their own learning. We recently revised our progress reports to give meaningful feedback to both parents and students. The integrated use of technology  enriches student learning and teaches technology skills that students will use throughout their lives. Our innovative Chesapeake Bay Studies Science curriculum makes learning relative to the real world and grooms our students to be good citizens and stewards of the environment.

Kent School has a three-year partnership with the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning which will afford meaningful, sustained professional development opportunities for our faculty.

At Kent School we are committed to nurturing the whole child. Their academic, social, emotional, physical, and moral development is the compass around which we build our student-centered learning. Multi-age programming and a Middle School Student Advisory curriculum allow us to introduce opportunities that support social and emotional growth and help foster the development of honorable and responsible citizens for our country and our diverse world.

I am honored to be a part of this journey.

Michelle Duke, MEd
Assistant Head of School for Academics