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Tuition Assistance Policy

Kent School is proud of its generous Tuition Assistance Program. With support form our operating budget and generous donors, Kent School is able to offer need-based tuition grants to approximately 40% of our student body.
The Tuition Assistance Committee understands that each family circumstance is different and they review each application confidentially, keeping individual situations in mind. The School Tution Assistance Policy states:

  • If the parents are separated, divorced, or have never been married, the full process, including tax documentation, is requested from both parents.
  • If there are step-parents, the Committee will consider all partners’ assets and liabilities as we review the student’s financial situation. Non-custodial parents must also submit a financial aid application to help complete our understanding of the student’s financial background.
  • If you are a single parent, having no contact with the child's biological second parent and receiving no financial support from that second parent, you must submit a Single Parent Verification Form

  • Tuition Assistance is granted to qualifying families with two wage earners unless a parent is caring for a non-school aged child or elderly parents. A family with a non-working parent may be considered if the School uses a basic income of $25,000 for the non-working parent.
  • If multiple children in the family attend tuition-charging schools or colleges, it is expected that the family will be applying for tuition assistance at all schools. Kent School should not be expected to implicitly subsidize tuition at other schools or colleges.
  • Tuition Assistance grants are annual; a family must reapply each year they seek tuition assistance. When there are dramatic changes in a family’s financial situation due to a significant financial setback, we will do all we can to make it possible for the child to receive the tuition assistance needed to continue at Kent School. At the same time, we expect a family in this situation to make other adjustments to their family expenditures, in addition to seeking tuition assistance. Likewise, when a family’s financial situation improves greatly, the annual grant will be adjusted to reflect the positive gain.