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Teaching to Solve Problems

By Grade Level:

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  • Fifth Grade

    Students focus on learning to show neat and complete solution steps and mastering all whole number operations and all decimal and fractions operations except division. Algebraic thinking is an integral component of the curriculum, and students begin writing equations early in the year. A variety of hands-on projects allows for opportunities to work collaboratively, to apply skills learned, and to use their math in real life situations.
  • Sixth Grade

    Sixth Grade Math continues with the same format as in fifth grade. Students focus on mastery of all fraction and decimal operations and work on building a solid foundation for pre-algebra and algebra. As in fifth grade, there is a strong focus on problem solving and hands-on projects. Students are encouraged to take risks, to stretch, and to focus on strategies for tackling challenging problems.
  • Seventh Grade

    Seventh Grade Pre-Algebra focuses on problem solving, equations and inequalities, and the fundamentals of algebraic principles. Students work on problem solving, such as acting out different real world scenarios involving money and trip planning. An emphasis is placed on math study skills and integration with other subjects. The curriculum also includes two weeks of practice for the SSAT test that students will take in December.
  • Eighth Grade

    Algebra: with the goal of testing out of Algebra I upon entering secondary school. Algebra classes are split into two sections so students can work at a pace that ensures their success. Eighth graders explore advanced algebraic concepts to build a solid foundation for math study in secondary school. All aspects of math are reviewed from basic math principles through polynomials and quadratics. The eighth grade spends two weeks reviewing concepts for SSAT testing in December.