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Inspiring Curiosity

The Middle Science program at Kent School is an integrated approach to Earth, Physical, and Life Science which allows students to study each of those subjects in every year of Middle School. Chesapeake Bay Studies is incorporated throughout all of the topics. We believe this integrated approach provides students with a deeper acquisition of the key principles of Earth, Physical and Life Sciences and their inter-relatedness. All topics are supported by hands-on, project-based learning.

By Grade Level:

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  • Fifth Grade

    Students use experimentation and hands-on demonstration to: 
      • Investigate Matter
      • Understand Ecosystems
      • Explore Earth's Interactive Systems
      • Explore Earth and Space Patterns

    • Sixth Grade

      Sixth Grade students use project-based learning to gain understanding of:
      • Life Structure and Function
      • Reproduction of Organisms
      • Energy in the Atmosphere
      • Human Impact on the Environment
    • Seventh Grade

      Seventh Grade students explore the following topics across Earth, Life and Physical Science:
      • Understanding Matter
      • The Changing Earth
      • Earth’s Resources
      • Interactions with Ecosystems
    • Eighth Grade

      Eighth Grade students acquire understanding of:
      • Change Over Time
      • Energy and Motion
      • Understanding Waves
      • Humans and Their Place in the Universe