Inspiring Curiosity

The Middle Science program at Kent School is designed to teach students the scientific method while teaching core understanding of key principles in Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science.We believe that hands-on lab experiments are the best way to demonstrate the acquisition of these key principles. Within the framework of these three areas of study, Middle School science is also rooted in environmental science reflecting our unique location along the bank of the Chester River.

By Grade Level:

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  • Fifth Grade

    Students use experimentation and hands-on demonstration to examine and learn scientific method and the physical and chemical properties of matter. Exploration of energy is taught through special topics in magnetism and Newton’s laws of motion. The class also works on special topics of Earth Science and Life Science in preparation for their sixth, seventh and eighth grade classes.
  • Sixth Grade

    Course gives the students an in-depth view of the earth’s physical features, weather and climate, oceans and water cycle, and the processes within the earth that are responsible for plate tectonics, earthquakes and all associated landforms. Students will also explore special topics in astronomy, including our solar system, stars, galaxies and the universe.
  • Seventh Grade

    Course begins with an in-depth presentation of cells and cell processes, including genetics and the processes of biological evolution. The course also introduces the complexity of living things and their scientific classification, as well as the interaction of living things within their ecological boundaries. Human biology and health are also presented.
  • Eighth Grade

    Course gives students a basic understanding of physical science and provides the means by which scientific knowledge is acquired. The theme of the course is the development of evidence for an atomic model of matter through experimentation and guided reasoning of the results of those experiments.