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Kent School serves children from Preschool through Grade 8. Our unrivaled setting along the bank of the Chester River allows us to educate children in a safe, nurturing environment where childhood is preserved and students are prepared for success in secondary schools and beyond.

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  • Choices Yield Better Academic Results

    Vivienne Falanga, Fourth Grade Teacher
    Mind, Brain and Education research has shown us that giving choices is important to students at all grade levels. Our brains and talents are all different. An activity that involves drawing may be perfect for one student, whereas a play, an essay, or a test may be perfect for others. In Fourth Grade, I give a few choices, especially in assessments.  Choices allow students to show what they know in a way they know they shine. It spikes their curiosity and interest. I often find they put forth much more effort and gain additional knowledge through the chosen project than if the same task had been assigned for all.
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