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Taylor Goodall delivers keynote remarks to launch $1 million Middle School project

Taylor Goodall, Kent School Class of 1995 and President of Dixon Group, delivered keynote remarks recently at the unveiling of a $1 million effort to fund construction of a new Middle School Innovation Center at the independent school at the end of Wilkins Lane on the bank of the Chester River. 
“From a management perspective, I know how important critical thinking skills, such as those developed in the study of math, science, technology, and engineering are to success in the workplace,” Goodall said.  “As an alumnus of Kent School, I am so pleased to see this project take off.  It will pay dividends to Kent School graduates for years to come.”  Learn more about the Innovation Center plans and how to donate HERE.
“We are very excited about the ways this innovative project will enrich the individualized and rigorous educational opportunities that are the hallmark of a Kent School education,” Head of School, Nancy Mugele, said. 
“We are proud to have raised more than $1.3 million toward the $2.3 million goal established by the Board of Trustees for the Together We Soar campaign.  By raising an additional $1 million for the Innovation project, including a $150,000 deferred maintenance fund, PPRRSP (Plant Replacement, Renewal and Special Maintenance), we will complete this bold campaign,” she concluded.  
The new Innovation Center will provide an environment where students learn to take thoughtful risks, solve complex problems, think critically, embrace collaboration and work through the creative process.  The Center will include the Middle School Science Lab, Middle School Math classrooms, and visual arts classrooms - including both a 2D art studio and a 3D art studio, for all students. The new Middle School Science Lab will include state-of-the-art equipment for the program designed to teach students the scientific method while teaching core understanding of key principles in Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science integrated with environmental science and Chesapeake Bay Studies. 
For more information about the Together We Soar campaign and the new Middle School, contact Nancy Mugele, Head of School at 410-778-4100 or nmugele@kentschool.org.